Do you know your grape varieties?

All of these grapes are grown in the Eyrie estate vineyards. Challenge yourself to identify each variety before clicking on the photos to reveal the names.


Pinot noir

This red variety is one of the parents of more than 16 others including Chardonnay, Melon de Bourgogne, Auxerrois, and Gamay Beaujolais.


Melon de Bourgogne

This native of Burgundy was exiled and found its home in the Loire, where it has become the iconic variety of Muscadet.


Pinot gris

A pink-purple skinned variety that is most often made as a white wine. It originated in Burgundy and is famous in Alsace. Today most of its European acreage is found in Germany.



The white wine of Burgundy is made almost exclusively from this grape.


Trousseau noir

The little town of Montigny-les-Arsures, in the Jura region of France, claims to be the capital of this red variety, though it is rare even there.


Muscat Ottonel

A white grape with a distinctive floral aroma, it shares its first name with over 200 other varieties.


Pinot blanc

A mutation of Pinot noir that produces a white wine with high levels of acidity, this variety is made in styles from dry sparkling in Champagne to sweet icewine in the Okanogan.


Pinot Meunier

With distinctive fuzzy leaves, this red variety is rare outside of the Champagne region.


Chasselas Doré

The most widespread white variety in Switzerland, with 27% of planted area.