The Eyrie Family


“At Eyrie there has never been a separation between vineyard and cellar work.” — Jancis Robinson

Our wines are as intimately connected to the vines they come from as possible. This means that those who grow the vines also make the wines. Jason Lett "worked" his first vintage in 1973 and continued to work in the vineyards and winery throughout his youth. Today he oversees all facets of production and business.

Diana Lett, Eyrie's cofounder, still takes an active role in operations and events.


Co-founder Diana Lett with Proprietor/Winemaker Jason Lett in The Eyrie original vines vineyard.

Worklife at Eyrie is a family affair. Vineyard lead Javier Garcia joined us in 1984; his six coworkers are family members with a similarly impressive history at Eyrie. Eyrie craftsmen have an average of 20 years of experience each.


Javier Garcia, Vineyard Lead

Our core crew of 7 is augmented by our production manager Jeremy Saville.


Jeremy Saville, Production Manager

Eyrie’s trade is represented in the Northwest and internationally by Russ Margach.


Russ Margach, Northwest and International Sales Manager

Eyrie’s trade is represented nationally by Amy McCandlish.


Amy McCandlish, National Sales Manager